2021-03-10 Zoom Meetings and General Announcements

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Happy Week 10

Howdy folks!

We're approaching the end of the Winter quarter and also enrollment for Spring classes is open. If you have not yet registered for your Spring classes, please do it NOW. (because Foothill admin is being really strict on CANCELLING classes that are not fully enrolled by next week.)

Late Assignments - Extra Credit

Since the Canvas Assignments CLOSE 3 weeks after the Due Dates, some students have been locked out unable to submit their LATE work. We will open our "Extra Credit" option in the last Module in every class. There you will be able to submit late work and other stuff for extra points.

Previous Class Meetings

Last Wednesday we had a very small recording session at my studio. It was supposed to just be a microphone shootout (comparing different mics) But, it actually evolved into an AMAZING "Music Production and Songwriting Workshop" led by veteran producer Ron E Beck.

Ron E Beck Music Production Collaboration with Tom Farley

  • Listen to everyone TALK about this amazing session and the magic of COLLABORATION!


  • On a previous Zoom Meeting, we talked with Tom Farley about his album project and plans. Includes very interesting discussion with Tom's audio engineer down at Sunset Sound Students in Los Angeles.

Zoom Meetings This Week


This week we will have general check in and Q&A.

  1. Wed 1PM
  2. Thur 7PM
  3. Fri 12PM

Zoom Meetings Next Week

For Week 11 and 12 we will reserve our Zoom Meetings for students to share some examples of their work, receive feedback.