2021-03-22 Finals Week

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After being in the pandemic lockdown for a year, it's encouraging to see things start to open up! One of the positive things about the pandemic is that audio has never been so important. The audio over Zoom meetings, audio podcasts and audio centric social media apps like Clubhouse offer great opportunities for audio producers!

The Foothill College campus might open up for some Music Tech classes in Fall 2021, but we're not sure yet. My recording studio in San Jose is starting to open back up and we will be having recording workshops for the Bay Area community soon.

Finals Week Deadlines

  • All assignments are due by March 27, Sat, 8AM
  • Extra Credit assignments are due by March 29, Mon, 8AM
    • There are several options in the last module of every class
  • If you need help, the best way to reach me is
    • support@brucetambling.com
    • 408-313-9006

Spring Classes

  • Spring Quarter starts April 5
    • Please register for classes NOW so we can setup Canvas
  • You can check out some of the Spring classes here:
  • If you need any help deciding what classes to take:
    • Hop on one of our Zoom meetings
    • Or contact me at support@brucetambling.com