2021-04-06 Student Orientation Wed 1PM - Zoom Meeting

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Music Tech Meetups

We plan to meet 3x per week for the entire quarter. Students are encouraged but not required to attend. Most of these will be done remotely over Zoom, or other streaming platforms. This week will be a general orientation and a great time to ask questions!

Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/97794247055

  1. April 7, Wed, 1PM - 3PM
    • General Orientation and Q&A
  2. April 8, Thur, 7PM - 8:30PM
    • Music Tech Night School
  3. April 9, Fri, 12PM - 1:30PM
    • Music Tech Study Group

As COVID opens up, we might have some meetings at my recording studio or even Foothill College!