2021-06-20 Music Tech News

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There's a lot going on in music technology all around the world.

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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2021

The Apple ecosystem continues to evolve.

Mastering Engineer with Master Artist


Interviews - Music Without Borders
  • Interviews
    • What an AMAZING collection of interviews, knowledge and wisdom!

Home Studio Tours

Mix Deconstructs

Live Streaming

In the Studio
  • Rihanna In Studio
    • If you listen carefully, and pay attention, you can learn a lot about producing records in this 4 minute video. This is a glimpse into the real deal.

God Bless America - Technology of the 60s
  • John Wayne Speaks to Americans of 2020
    • If you've made it this far, look what the YouTube algorithm brought us!
    • Check out the grand finale montage at the end, with all the different celebrities singing, and imagine how they pulled off this multimedia production back in the early 60s!