2021-06-24 Music Tech News

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We have two more live streaming meetups this week. You're invited! ===>>>

  1. Tonight, Thursday 6/24 6PM - 8:30PM
    • Internationally acclaimed artist and producer Andrew Seidel will join us at 7PM to answer your questions and help provide feedback on your projects.
  2. Friday, 6/25 12PM - 2:30PM
    • Mix engineer and producer extraordinaire Jeff Stuart Saltzman will join us at 1PM. Have your audio files ready! (Or just come to hang out)

For any students that have confidential questions, we can hop into a breakout room or talk on the phone.

Click Here to Join Zoom ==>> https://fhda-edu.zoom.us/j/98820990562

We know everyone is crazy busy right now. But we also want you to know that our online Music Tech meetups are AMAZING! Better than you probably imagine. Here is what a student said yesterday ===>>> "Thanks for the community. I'm bummed I didn't take advantage of it earlier, but glad I am now."

Music Tech YouTube Channel

We just launched a new YouTube channel today. It's going to be pretty cool and will feature a lot of student contributions. So far, we have “No subscribers” LOL. Pathetic, we know. So please, give us a little love to help jump start a following ;)

Have a GREAT Summer!

And the beat don't stop. I plan to teach a few Summer classes and will also rewire my recording studio in San Jose. (not to mention get some serious outdoor exercise) As the world continues to open back up, this is a GREAT time with so many opportunities for music producers and content creators. Please stay in touch! – Bruce Tambling