2021-07-07 Music Tech News

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Greetings Music Tech Students!

The first week of our Summer classes was particularly challenging because Foothill College was also finishing up the 2020-2021 academic and fiscal year. And the way the 4th of July hit added even more discontinuity.

Summer classes are interesting because we have a different demographic of students than usual. Many of you are not regular Music Tech majors at Foothill College. Since this is a compressed 6 week quarter, instead of the usual 12 weeks, our goal is to keep things smooth and fun.

Due Dates and Deadlines

Some of you have asked for extensions on assignments. No worries. You have a 3 week grace period to submit assignments after the due date, and still receive full credit. But please, definitely strive to stay up-to-date.

Regarding Synchronous Zoom Meetings

Some students have expressed that either 1) Their schedules don't allow attending any Zoom meetings 2) They would really much prefer to work asynchronously.

We understand! I think ALL of us have hit a Zoom fatigue pain threshold! So, what we decided to do is make any Summer Zoom meetings "Optional Extra Credit." We will lighten up the schedule and you will be invited, but not 'required,' to attend.

That being said, interacting, communicating and collaborating with other humans is a big factor in the creative process and making music. Plus, it's very FUN! So please keep an eye on our events over the rest of the Summer.

Canvas Class Updates

I'm rewriting and updating a lot of the content in my Canvas classes. Some of the links and assets are being moved around. If you notice anything BROKEN, please send me a note at support@brucetambling.com

San Jose Studio Updates

I'm redesigning, and rewiring my studio in San Jose. This includes some new equipment and custom furniture. It's all very exciting. We will keep you posted on progress. (And will have some photos and open house studio tours soon)

I took the plunge and updated my 2016 Intel MacBook Pro to an M1 MacBook Air. The new little M1 MacBook Air is screaming fast. Very happy with it's performance. The only problem is the current M1 chip from Apple only supports 1 external monitor (unless I wanted to do unstable hacks with gray market USB drivers). So, I decided to RETURN the MacBook Air and purchased an M1 MacMini. This will drive two external monitors.

For Music Tech students, I think the Apple M1 Mac Mini (with 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD) is the best bang computer option. It's about $1,300 fully loaded. For sure, our computer is the center of our music production studio.

I think my next acquisition will be an iPad Pro!

Speaking of studio tours, check this out! ===>>>EPIC HOME STUDIO Setup in BACKYARD 2021 | Marc Scibilia (studio tour)

Summer Jobs

No formal job postings yet, but we will be having some openings for work and internships soon. Work entails virtual remote collaboration, general digital file exchanges and some audio/video/media content creation. If you are interested, send your resume to support@brucetambling.com

OK, that's the news. Thanks for listening! - Bruce Tambling