2021-07-28 Music Tech News - Draft

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  1. Music Tech Board of Advisors - Podcast Rough Edit
    • Check out this meeting with 12 amazing industry professionals!
    • In this podcast we have professionals from Avid, Yamaha, and Sony speak about what it takes to get a job in the music industry.
  2. There are NEW module items
    • We are introducing two new programs Audio movers and Mixup.audio For more information on what they are and how to use them please visit canvas
      • For Classes 52A, 53A, and 70A this can be found under modules 1 and 2
      • For Class 50A this can be found under module 2 and 4

Cool Shit

  1. Triad-Orbit is challenged to place 30+ mics on 1 snare drum for a Mic Shootout