2021-09-27 Week 2

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Howdy Music Tech Students!

Welcome to Week 2! Lots of creative chaos going on as we are all getting up-to-speed.

I'm going to send special messages to each class , but here are some global messages for everyone.

Updated Contact Info

I created a Help Center page so that everyone contacts me through the same channels. And, as an experiment, I even got a new phone number just for my classes. It routes to my Zendesk App. Let's give it a test drive.

  1. Help Center (you might want to bookmark this)
  2. Email support@brucetambling.com
  3. SMS Text Message (408) 413-4312 (I'm SUPER interested to TEST this new feature!)
  4. Voice (408) 413-4312

Please try to use these channels to contact me.

If' you have been trying to contact me through other email addresses, or leaving messages on my cell phone, please TRY AGAIN with the channels above! I promise I will response ASAP!


I created a Resources wiki area to organize valuable and cool stuff. (consider bookmarking this) You will also find links to Resources on your Canvas Home Pages and at the top of Module 0.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is amazing and is required for most of my classes. I tested and made sure that it is still FREE through the San Jose Public Library.

I can confirm:

  1. The San Jose Public Library is a fantastic resource on many levels
    • It's super fast and easy to apply and get a membership
    • Plus, their staff is very helpful! Try chatting with them if you have ANY questions!
  2. LinkedIn Learning is over the top, off-the-hook FANTASTIC
    • Arguably one of, if not the, best online education platforms on the planet
    • Premium content not available on YouTube
    • Owned by Microsoft
    • I've been a life time subscriber since it was called Lynda.com. And that was BEFORE the Internet! (seriously)
    • Once you login, search through some of their courses!

Note Taking Apps

I'm kind of a note taking geek, so discovering this website was exciting for me:

  1. Note Apps
  2. And, don't forget that you can get a FREE license to Craft Pro until the end of Sept. (so you only have a few more days)

Real World Recording Studios

Now for something FUN and inspiring!

A new video of one of the best recording studios in the world. Very inspirational to see such a high level of music, art and technology.