2021-10-05 Class Updates 3.0

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Howdy Music Tech Community!

One of the best, most exciting, things about Music Technology is the...drum roll please...TECHNOLOGY!

The "Music" side of things hasn't changed a lot in the past 100+ years. Treble Clefs and Quarter Notes are still 'state-of-the art.'

But, OMG, the 'technology' side of things continues to evolve at an accelerating rate! (Especially now, in the 'post-pandemic era!)

So, all of my classes are a constant, never ending work in progress.

At this point in time, I'm totally upgrading all of my classes, on many levels.

It's taking a little longer than I envisioned. Please bear with me as I continue to update stuff in Canvas!

And, cue up one of our Theme Songs: "Getting Better" (Remastered 2009)


Fun fact: this song was created on a 4 track tape recorder!! (Before most of you were even born - and is still "state-of-the art!)

– BruceT