2021-12-06 Canvas - Wiki Updates

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MusicTech Wiki was originally created by some very computer savvy Music Tech students back in 2009. They all went on to have successful careers related to Music Technology and I remain in close contact with them.

MusicTech Wiki is like LinedInLearning and PureMix had a baby. And its available to you for FREE!

I've been going back and curating some of the legacy wiki content for students and it's amazing.


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Cool Wiki Content

  1. Multitracks
    • Huge collection of curated, organized and amazing sounding multitracks!
    • We will have all the ZIP file downloads functional in the next couple days
    • New Multitracks coming down the pipeline, need to be prepped for mixing:
      1. Beatles - Abbey Road 2
      2. Billy Decker Projects
  2. Reference Mixes
    • Many of these songs were suggested by students this quarter
    • This will feature High Resolution 24 bit lossless AIFF files to download
  3. Audio Library
    • This section will also include Ear Training exercises (Music and Frequencies)
  4. Music Tech Video Library
    1. Music Tech Live Streaming Videos
    2. MusicTechWiki Videos
      • HUGE library of premium video content
      • Will will organize into sub categories

Collaboration Projects

  1. Working on some Christmas Carols
  2. Israel-Lee-Horn-Sample-Beat
    • This is turning into an amazing student collaboration project
      • The files submitted are still in RAW state and need
    • We will be recording Ron E. Beck on drums at my studio this week!
    • Then we will Edit and Mix

Canvas Content

I'm moving all the content in all my Canvas classes into the wiki. This way you will have perpetual access to all the content in all my classes even after the Canvas courses CLOSE. And there's TONS of additional content impossible to host on Canvas.