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Class Description

Introduction to Pro Tools with Avid Certification training material. Basic audio editing tools and techniques, plug-ins and mixing in the Pro Tools environment. Build sessions that include multitrack recordings of live instruments, MIDI sequences, virtual instruments, audio loops and beats. Practical experience with examples from major label recording artists and feature films. Understanding menus, windows, preferences and system configurations for Pro Tools in home studios and professional facilities. Intro to automation, dialog editing and audio post production for film and video. Required for Avid Pro Tools Certification.



Pro Tools 101, Version 12
Author: Avid
Purchase at the Foothill College Bookstore

This book is only available at the Foothill Bookstore. Versions on Amazon.com might NOT be up-to-date. Electronic versions of the first few chapters will be provided to give students adequate time to purchase the textbook. Purchase of textbook also entitles students to take the Avid Pro Tools 101 Certification Exam.

Additional Requirements

  • Lynda.com Subscription.
    • Available free through public libraries.
  • Pro Tools software.
    • Available in Foothill College computer labs.
  • No other equipment or software required.