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Introduction to the field of music therapy and the creative powers of sound. Survey the history of the American Music Therapy Association as applied by practicing music therapists. Study diverse styles of music including classical, jazz, blues, pop, hip-hop, new age and world music used as a transformative force to enhance social, emotional, educational, behavioral development and pain management. Apply music therapy concepts to compose and produce original music. Develop music making skills with drumming, group songwriting, lyric analysis, guided relaxation, movement, improvisation and original compositions integrated with the latest music software technologies including Pro Tools and Virtual Instruments. Study prevention of injury and maintenance of health for musicians and performing artists. Survey careers in the music therapy industry including degrees, certifications and multi-media production applications. This course is open to all students and professionals interested in learning more about the field.



The Power of Sound, 2010 Revised Edition
Author: Joshua Leads
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Note: Sample chapters will be provided for the first few weeks of class.

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