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  1. Amp Simulators
    These mimic the sonic effects of playing an instrument through an amplifier. They are particularly popular for electric guitars.
  2. Analog Tape Saturation
    Emulates the effects of recording with magnetic tape
  3. Audio Restoration Plugins
  4. Dialog Editing Plugins
    Plugins designed to improve Spoken Word recordings by removing noise, distortion and automatically balancing the volume levels
  5. Drum Editing Plugins
    Edit and improve recorded drum sounds
  6. Favorite Plugins - Professional Audio Engineers
  7. Free Plugins
    Plugins that work for any budget
  8. Metering Plugins
    Detailed analysis of track dynamics and other properties.
  9. Mix Reference Tracks Plugins
    Tools to compare your mix to your reference mixes
  10. Mixing and Mastering Class Resources
  11. Pitch Correction
  12. Plugin Bundles
    Bundled plugins are often discounted and work synergistically.
  13. Plugin Research
  14. Plugin Wrappers
  15. Reverb Plugins
    Time-delay processing that causes sound to persist longer. Can be used for aesthetic purposes and to emulate specific physical environments
  16. Stereo Bus Dynamics Plugins
    Dynamic Plug-ins that can "glue" together separate parts for a more balanced sound
  17. Transient Plugins
    Reduce or increase transients with the turn of a knob.
  18. Tuner Plugins
    Frequency analyzers that show you how in tune your pitch is
  19. Virtual Instruments
    We can create any sound in the universe with Virtual Instruments.
  20. Waves-Gold-Plugins-Demo