How to Handle Microphones

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Setup Mics

Above all, do no harm. Don't drop the microphones on the floor. Always support them with both hands.

  1. Create an Input List
  2. Include the microphones needed for the recording sessions
  3. Transfer microphones from cabinet to cart
    • Include microphone cables in cart
  4. Move cart to main studio floor
    • close to where the microphone stands will be
  5. Determine what mic stands to use
  6. Move mic stands to main floor
  7. Plug cable into into mic panel first
    • Run mic cables to mic stands
  8. Organize mic cables in a bundle to avoid multiple cables across the floor
  9. Spool and dress the cables so they are neat and tidy
  10. Confirm the stand is stable
  11. Carefully attach the microphone to mic stand
  12. Connect the cable to the microphone

Teardown and Put Away Mics

  1. Allow tube mics to cool before removing from stand
  2. Take mics off stands
    • Put in carts
  3. Move microphone cart back to closet
  4. Put mics into cabinets
  5. Wind mic cables cables
    • Properly coil the cables in the under over technique