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This Resources Page contains valuable information you will need as a student in this class. You should bookmark this page in your browser.

Communication Channels

I respond to emails sent to support@brucetambling.com within 2 business days, and often on the same day sent.

  1. On Campus Office Hours
    • Mondays 3PM - 5PM
  2. Virtual Office Hours
  3. Support Channel - Preferred
  4. Cell Phone
    • 408-313-9006
  5. Canvas Messaging - please avoid using
  6. Closed Facebook Group
  7. Canvas Announcements
    • Please be proactive and GO TO the Canvas Announcements. Read recent announcements and all the archives. Don’t depend 100% on email notifications.
  8. San Jose Recording Studio
    • 458A Reynolds Circle
    • San Jose, CA 95112
    • Studio Tours available by appointment.

Tech Support

  1. Al Ruffinelli - Foothill Staff
    • Al can help install software and troubleshoot hardware issues
    • ruffinellial@fhda.edu
    • 650-949-7055
    • Mon - Fri 10AM - 7PM
  2. Call Sweetwater
    • Great tech support for ALL issues!
    • (800) 222-4700
  3. Call Avid
    • Avid always resolves the issue 100%
    • 888-456-3444 or 978-275-2555

Craigs List

There are many people in the Bay Area that can help you for a reasonable price.

  1. Musicians
  2. Lessons and Tutoring
  3. Computer Services
  4. Creative Services

Textbook, Software and Equipment

Computer Requirements

Although most of the online content in this class can be accessed with mobile devices, some of the content and apps require a desktop or laptop computer.

  1. Mac or Windows Operating System.
  2. Any of the major browsers, preferably all three:
    • Google Chrome (recommended)
    • Firefox
    • Safari

Computer Labs at Foothill College

The Foothill College campus features two labs fully loaded with the latest version of Pro Tools and multimedia software applications. Online students are always welcome to join any of the face-to-face lectures or activities on the Foothill campus as your schedule permits.

Required Textbook

Mixing with Impact: Learning to Make Musical Choices 1st Edition
Author: Wessel Oltheten
Kindle: $49.56
ISBN-13: 978-1138080898
ISBN-10: 1138080896

Recommended Textbook

Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio, 2nd Edition
Author: Mike Senior
Kindle: $37.52
Publisher: Routledge; 2 edition (August 6, 2018)
ISBN-13: 978-1138556379
ISBN-10: 1138556378

Required Website Accounts

  1. Canvas
    • Foothill College Online Learning Management System.
  2. MusicTechWiki Account
    • Wiki website designed to support MusicTech classes. Signup for free.
    • Create-MTW-Account (Links to an external site.)
    • Secret wiki-code CAPTCHA provided in Canvas.
  3. Google Account (Links to an external site.)
    • We use Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Calendars in our Music Tech classes.

Required Video Subscriptions

LinkedIn Learning

To watch these videos you will need either:

  1. LinkedIn Learning subscription
  2. Or Lynda.com

PureMix Free

Suggested Video Subscriptions

  1. PureMix Pro - Foothill Discount
  2. Mix With The Masters - Student Discount

Suggested Equipment

Here are some key pieces of equipment for putting together a home studio.

  1. iLok
    • USB thumb drive required for plugin licenses
  2. Headphones
    • Very useful to have a good set of headphones
  3. Audio Interface
    • Better than sound card built into your computer.
  4. MIDI Keyboard Controller
  5. External Speakers
    • Sounds better than speakers built into your computer
  6. Microphone - Dynamic or Condenser
  7. Acoustical Panels

File Downloads

Exercise Files

  1. BrianLeeWhite-Mixing and Mastering with PT-Ex_Files
  2. BobbyOwsinski-Ex_Files_AMBootcamp

Media Files

Multitrack Library

  1. Beats
  2. Stems
  3. Full Mixes