Music Tech Training Websites

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High quality music technology online video courses.

  1. AudioSchoolOnline
    • Created by producer and mix engineer Ken Lewis.
  2. CinemaSound
    • Comprehensive resource for Audio for Film education.
  3. Groove3
    • Nice balance of content to supplement premium sites.
    • Available for $99/year
  5. MacProVideo
    • Another growing site with a huge amount of content.
      • Sometimes discounted as low as $10/month or $72/year.
  6. MasterClass
    • The Gold Standard in online video classes.
  7. MZed
    • High end education for filmmakers and creative professionals.
  8. MixWithTheMasters
    • Ultra high end video tutorials with the top music producers and audio engineers on the planet.
    • Contact them directly for student discount prices.
  9. MusicSchoolOnline
    • Ken Lewis' other website, focusing on learning music and playing instruments.
  10. PureMix
    • Amazing resources with world class mentors that gets better every day.
      • Required in most Music Tech classes.
    • Click Here to REGISTER FOR FREE
    • PureMixPro subscription discount for MusicTech students.