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Pro Tools Certification Shortcuts

There are many resources to help us study and learn keyboard shortcuts. One of the best ways is for you to keep personal notes to help remember shortcuts that are useful for you. At the end of the day, these shortcuts need to be committed to muscle memory. Since there is currently no method of downloading and transferring this data directly into your nervous system, we must practice and memorize our favorite shortcuts until we master them and know them "by heart."

The Importance of Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning Pro Tools shortcuts is the Keys to The Kingdom. In fact, learning to run any software program is greatly accelerated by learning the shortcuts. Your productivity and the quality of your art is directly connected to your mastery of keyboard shortcuts. Shorts cuts will speed up your workflow making it easier to achieve what you envision in your creative imagination. The idea is not to turn you into some techno geek that just reads manuals and memorizing computer keyboard shortcuts. The idea is to learn and master the keyboard shortcuts so we can use them in a transparent fashion. When we receive an idea or creative inspiration, we don't want to stop dead in our tracks trying to figure out how to do something. Writing music is not the time to be reading manuals and fumbling with Pro Tools Menus and shortcuts. By investing a little time learning the technical side of Pro Tools the quality of your art and productions will take a quantum leap.

Pro Tools as a Musical Instrument

Learning Pro Tools is like learning any other instrument. Piano players practice scales and arpeggios. Guitar players practice chords and blues licks. Drummers practice rudiments. When musicians go on stage to perform, they forget about all their technical training and just jam! They don't have to consciously think about scales or blues licks because they have mastered and internalized this information. Now they can perform and improvise effortlessly with complete creative freedom.

Similarly, Pro Tools is truly a musical instrument. And it is worthy of studying just like any instrument at a music conservatory. It takes practice and repetition to master the Pro Tools shortcuts. There are so many Pro Tools Shortcuts that no one in the world knows them all. Not even the head software engineers, product specialists or VP's at Avid know them all. There are some shortcuts that are not even in the manual.

You can find a list of shortcuts in the Pro Tools Help Menu. You can also download the PDF document of Short cuts. These are good for reference. But it is kind of like someone giving you a 2000 page book of scales and chords and saying "go learn this!" It can be overwhelming to try and remember all of these Pro Tools shortcuts.

Take Good Notes

The best thing to make a list of your favorite shortcuts. You can use a word processor or write 'em down by hand. The point is to make them yours. As you learn different shortcuts in class, from reading, and from watching videos, take good notes. Make a list of shortcuts that are meaningful and important to you. And, most important ==>> practice them. Go through your list and practice them with the same kind of dedication as a musician preparing for a major concert. Your goal is to internalize and master your shortcuts. Know them like the back of your hand.

Pro Tools Menus

It is important to learn the Menu items in the Pro Tools software interface. It is good to know where the features, functions and options are located. The Avid Certification exams have questions regarding the Menu items. As you explore the Menu, pay attention to the corresponding shortcuts.

Practice and Repetition

At the end of the day, all the charts, videos, cheat sheets and web portals in the world won't replace practicing the shortcuts. Ultimately, keyboard shortcuts must be ingested and mastered into our subconscious mind muscle memory to become second nature and truly useful.

Virtuoso classical guitarist Andres Segovia practiced the guitar eight hours a day. Six of those hours Segovia practiced scales. Two hours were reserved for the new piece or pieces he was to perform. Andres Segovia was a master classical guitarist. He practiced the do-re-me scales six hours a day!

Pro Tools is truly a musical instrument that is worthy of practicing. There are a number of basic Pro Tools skills that everyone should practice. The best golfers in the world practice their swing 2 times before the ever hit a ball. The best way to learn Pro Tools is by repetition.

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Pro Tools Expert Certification

The Avid Pro Tools Expert Certification requires a Hands-On Exam. This is a grueling exam and takes over 4 hours to complete. The first section is called "The Gauntlet" where shortcuts are called out in rapid fire. If you stutter or miss three shortcuts the exam stops there - and you need to reschedule to take it again in the future. $Private training centers charge 400-$500 per attempt! We want Foothill Students to be so well prepared, and have mastered the shortcuts like butter, that they totally ace the Shortcut Gauntlet. Needless to say, these skills are also very useful when working professionally for clients.

Mac Shortcuts


Pro Tools Shortcuts Scatchpad

  • option - c will cancel all the overloads in the session