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  1. pureMix is one of the best online music production educational spaces on the planet
  2. A membership also includes many FREE plugins and music production apps, including Mixup
  3. Students can purchase this directly from the Bookstore with financial aid

Subscribe to pureMix Pro

There are a few ways you can subscribe to a pureMix Membership:

  1. Purchase at the college bookstore pureMix Pro Access Code 1Yr Subscription
    • pureMix Pro Membership is adopted as a "textbook" in all our Music Tech classes
    • So you can pay for it with financial aid
  2. Purchase directly from pureMix
    • Click Here to SUBSCRIBE
    • $14.99/month discount price for Music Tech students (you can cancel anytime)
    • Most MTEC assignments can be completed with just a 1 month subscription
  3. Alternatively you could use this coupon : PMgqfNn3